When you call 911 with an emergency or you're in distress, you're depending on someone to pick up the phone and offer you the help you need, but what if there was no one there.

"Typically our dispatch center handles about 600 calls a day and currently the call center is short 9 employees,” said Public Information Officer Tracy Gonzalez.

The San Angelo police department should have 24 people in the dispatch center, it currently only has 15. Gonzalez says it takes a special person to handle these calls... calls that often mean woe's on the other end.

"Somebody that has the ability to calm a person in distress or to offer reassurance or if they're experiencing some type of trauma that’s a very variable skill set to have," said Gonzalez.

Dispatchers are first responders in sense that they're on the front lines when it comes to reacting to the problems of our community.


"Many people have a heart for emergency services but perhaps they can’t commit to being a police officer or a fire fighter,” said Gonzalez. “They need to know that dispatchers also play a critical part in the emergency response by getting the citizens of San Angelo the help that they need.”

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