It was the first day of the 85th Texas Legislative Special Session in Austin Tuesday.

State Sen. Charles Perry (R) sent Fox News First a statement on how the first day ended:

"It is hard to predict what the first day of a special session will look like, but the senate acted quickly to move the only bills currently on the special session call. I suspect that we will continue to move at a fast pace and pass legislation that the people who elected us expect us to pass.

I am working with Rep. Greg Bonnen to strengthen patient rights as it relates to do-not-resuscitate orders. Although many hospitals address DNR matters through policy, we have heard from multiple witnesses that secret or forced DNRs have been placed in a patient's medical chart and I believe we need to see reforms in this area of the law."

Sen. Perry has authored such bills in the regular session such as Senate Bill 4 also known as the sanctuary cities bill.