SAN ANGELO, TX — In a house off of North Harrison

"I make pillows, I make towels, G tube pads," said Lisa White.

Who’s sewing to make a difference in San Angelo

"I got my first embroidery machine shortly after my first grandson was born," she said.

And not just for anybody.

"A couple of abdominal binders, I have a cousin that's had two children with G tubes and I’ve made binders for them," said White.

She's using her needle and thread to help those with both special and health needs.

"This is the little pad that goes around the feeding tube and they can be washed and reused," she said. “This is an example of something else that can be put on a seatbelt incase somebody’s in an accident.”

A few years ago, Lisa's husband passed away.

"My husband was ill, and I was unable to go on mission trips so I decided to make mission my sewing," said White.

Despite her personal heartache

Lisa's now taking her 40 years of experience as a nurse and using her altruistic heart and needle-craft skills to put a smile on anyone’s face.

"My step granddaughter was in a car accident and we had to make a sling with owls on it and a pocket that would hold her cellphone with her name on it," said White.

She doesn't charge for all her creations.

"Mostly it’s been by donation and I wouldn’t want to refuse it on someone’s inability to pay," said White.

And she says her projects have a bigger purpose.

"Just anything that I can do to make people’s lives better," said White. “Pretty much my whole life has been trying to help others and trying to make their life better."