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West Texas county declares itself a "2nd Amendment Sanctuary"

Rural counties defend their right to bear arms.

ABILENE, Texas —  Eastland is now considered a "Second Amendment sanctuary " after voting "yes" this week at a Commissioners Court meeting.

The term "sanctuary" is used to describe a jurisdiction that has passed a resolution declaring that restrictive gun control laws another legislative body passes are unconstitutional and will not be enforced there.

“Counties around our country were adopting this and the resolution came to me, it made sense to me because it gives explicit approval to CC to support and uphold our 2nd Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution,” Eastland County Judge Rex Fields said.

Eastland County commissioners voted unanimously and are not the first rural community to protect its right to bear arms in Texas. Stephens and Throckmorton have done so, as well.

"We live in the country, us in the rural communities we see that we need to be able to protect yourself and freely exercise our 2nd Amendment rights," Fields said.

Texas is among other states such as Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia and Arizona who are joining the movement.

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