ABILENE, TX — Many will tell you.... The reason behind giving gifts isnt about the gift itself.

it's about bringing joy to a persons life... or simply making them smile.

These folks might be occupational grad students of Abilene Christian University.

but you could call them....... West Texas elves.

"There was wood work being done, painting , the sewing maching was being utitilized ..it was kind of chaotic but we all came together"

Student elves who dedicated their time making the holiday seasons extra special for a group of children.

"The whole point is giving back ..or improving function in kids for their every day lives..

the class made custom Christmas toys and gifts.

"Something that they really needed and that would benefit them for the future"

for this little girl, Avery.... That perfect gift was a ballet beam.

It will help improve her balance so she can practice for her dance recitals.

" It’s just rewarding making a toy for a child for something they love doing"

as each child is different... Each toy is hand crafted completely different as well.

for 2 year old Kenleigh.

"She needed to work on different grasping patterns so we made a toy that was fun on each side and each side integrates something different"

Her gift was inspired by her favorite movie, frozen.

"As occupational therapists, we just want to help them live their best life"

and this holiday season... These big country grad students did just that.

and their hard work did not go unnoticed,

"She’s still over there playing with it.. They nailed it.. Very much so"

Proving that this gift exchange wasn't just about the object itself...

but a smile... A warm heart.. And a magical touch from these West Texas elves ... That the children will remember forever.