Police still investigating after serving a search warrant at a San Angelo business. Our Senora Scott did some investigating of her own. She joins us with details.

With warrant in hand, San Angelo Police raided this business on Sherwood Way where illegal gambling activity was allegedly happening.

"Oh, there's something going down,” Brook Davis said.

Brook Davis works at a business next door to La Jolla redemption center, the business raided by police. She was there the morning it happened.

"It was like, about 10 or 10:30. Right after they opened,” Davis said.

This photo from a fox viewer shows the view she and her co-workers saw...but she says she usually got an eye full every day.

"There's always creepy people hanging out around here. Starting at 10 o'clock in the morning this place is packed,” Davis said.

Police found and seized $20,000 in U.S. currency and around $3,000 in silver, along with gambling devices, equipment, and paraphernalia. Working in a small office, Brook told me she felt vulnerable at times.

"I was terrified to come over here at night,” Davis said.

And her fears are warranted; proven by the almost two years of investigating San Angelo Police have done into these types of businesses.

“What we have seen is an increase in particular crimes, either coming from those locations or occurring right near them,” Officer Tracy Gonzalez said.

Those crimes, often escalating.

"Drug related activity, even violent crimes, and assaults against people,” Gonzalez said.

Brook says, now that she's saw the equipment being taken, she feels more confident that business is gone for good.

"I'm happy to see it gone,” Davis said.

Now this raid happened on Wednesday but police tell me they're continuing their investigation.