Many yellow buses getting ready to hit the streets again taking our children to and from school.
And with the first day quickly approaching now may be the time to slow down and catch up on those Texas Bus Laws.

Director of Transportation Roger Garcia said, “The busses are clean, shiny and ready to go.”

As the oil started to pick up so have parents with children moving into San Angelo.
Therefore knowing the bus laws in Texas is a priority.
Roger Garcia reinforces this.

"A school bus is a mobile school zone we travel all the streets of San Angelo and we stop at multiple locations to pick up students and unload students”, Garcia said.

The focus needs to be on the roads and not the cellphones.
Texas law prohibits the use of cellphones in school zones.
A fine can range from $200-$500.

"Anytime you see the red lights flashing you must stop that is an indication that the door have been open and students are getting ready to load or unload the bus,” Garcia said.

When it comes to school zones: areas like these are the most hazardous.

"Parents that are dropping of their kiddos not always on the same side of the street so you'll see them crossing the street, you have kiddos that are walking to school, riding their bikes to school,” Garcia said.

Remember don’t pass until the bus starts moving and the lights give you the all clear.
If not, it could cost you a pretty penny.

"They range from 250-1,200 dollars but even worse than that if you were to hit a student you cannot put a price on something like that,” Garcia said.

As far as the school bus changes:
New bus stops and seat belts will be incorporated.
It’s all meant to keep our kids safe!