Country singer Scotty McCreery has a personal new single out called “Five More Minutes” – the result of a writing session where he spoke about his late grandfather.

“I was just kind-of talking to him about my granddaddy Bill, who I [had] just lost a couple weeks prior and telling him about him and how much I loved him and missed him and Monty was the guy that was like, ‘Yeah, man, it’s almost like you wanted five more minutes with him.’ And so, we kind-of went with that and wrote the song around it and it became a lot more about life, but at the core of it, it was about my grandfather and that third verse is all about him. So, it’s probably my favorite song I’ve written.”

The 23-year-old says his music has evolved since his first album at age 17. He is at a different point in life and is also more comfortable sharing.

“I think as you get older, you don’t – you’re not as embarrassed about things. You can talk about more things, and there’s not as many walls.”

He says his next album is “pretty autobiographical.”

“There’s a lot of songs we write that are pulling from real-life things that I lived, and it’s got kind-of, so far the album’s not totally shaped yet but so far, the theme of it is, kind-of been time.”

McCreery released a book last year that dealt heavily with his experiences growing up in the spotlight.

“I’ve been so blessed, and life has been incredible. I could never have asked for all this and don’t deserve it, but you know, just to come, just having to always be on, that’s the number one thing I take from it. You know, I can never really, you know, go off and just do whatever. I’ve always got to know there’s cameras watching. There’s people that are watching. They’re telling stories and nowadays, with social media, you know, you just gotta, you gotta watch it. So, I never really had the chance to just turn it off the last few years. But – and that’s cool, you know, it’s all good. If they’re watching, that’s a good thing so it means they’re still interested.”