The City of San Angelo is about to start sealcoating selected streets to protect them from a variety of issues. This year's project will begin on Aug. 30.

Since this project is just around the corner, the city will be notifying residents in advance of when the coating starts in their area.

The city wants to remind residents how critical it is that vehicles are not parked on the street when the sealcoat is being applied. According to the city's website, "cars parked on the streets being sealcoated could be subject to towing."

Sealcoating is a preventive measure and should not to be mistaken for resurfacing. Sealcoating involves "applying a thin layer of asphalt and rock to a street's surface," according to the city's website. This prevents moisture from seeping into the asphalt and damaging the roadway's base, therefore, extending the life of the street's surface.

This is the third year of an eight-year cycle to maintain city roadway. The sealcoating is estimated to last for three weeks.

For more information, visit the city's website: