ABILENE, TX — The race to the U.S. Senate continues.

Last week, Congressman Beto O'Rourke made his way to Abilene. This week it was Senator Ted Cruz.

This is part of Cruz’s statewide tour ‘Texas Defends America', he visited on Thursday where he met with city leaders and Dyess Air Force Base officials.

"I love it here in West Texas. West Texas is… we value freedom,” U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said. “I've said before, the ethos of our state, especially West Texas, is give me a horse, and a gun and an open plain and we can conquer the world."

During his tour of Abilene, Cruz toured Dyess where senior leaders updated him on the base's operations.

“I'd like to see the B-21s start out here, I'd like to see a very substantial fleet of B-21s here at Dyess,” Senator Cruz said. “I think Dyess combines a lot of terrific assets including: wide-open air space, including great flying weather 350 days out of the year, including a community that supports the men and women of the military."

Senator Cruz says he'll continue to fight for West Texas values.

“West Texas values, what do we believe? We want to see low taxes, low regulations, we want to see lots and lots of jobs, higher wages and more opportunity, we want to see our border secured,” Cruz said.

When it comes to immigration, Senator Cruz says...he continues with his ideology of summing it up into: legal, good and Illegal, bad. But when asked if he supports the housing of immigrant children at military bases, this was his answer:

“When we have the kids here, we have to house them somewhere,” Cruz said. “It's obviously not ideal for children to be detained at a military base. But the reason they are is because of our broken immigration system."