(NEW ORLEANS) — Placing the tarp on his damaged car, Will Murry still can't believe this.

"This could only happen to me. that's the first thing I thought. The dispatcher thought it was pretty humorous. I thought it was pretty humorous. And the officer, we also had a good laugh about it," Murry said.

It sounds like something straight out of a love drama, but it's his reality.

"It was pretty brutal," Murry said.

Two broken window, two slashed tires and a nasty note from a stranger.

"I guess it was a case of mistaken identity. Where a woman thought that I was her husband or boyfriend's side piece I guess you would say," Murry said.

Last Friday (Dec. 7), Murry walked outside to his parked car on Banks Street and S. Bernadotte around 11 am and noticed the damage.

"The note was sitting right here-almost like a parking ticket. It was three pages," Murry said.

In the three pages, the woman goes on a rant, calling the intended person vulgar names and claims she now has two sexually transmitted diseases.

"The more I started reading it, it started to dawn on me oh this is just a random act of vandalism that had nothing to do with me," Murry said.

It seems like Murry can't catch a break.

"My vehicle was stolen out of my house about three months ago. So I didn't have a vehicle for a while. So my mom just recently bought a new vehicle- so this was her old car. She told me I could just use it for a while til I get a new one," Murry said.

Not long after that, Murry says someone hit him from behind.

"So whenever the first time it got hit, it actually totaled the car out. So, when I got it fixed, it only had liability on it. So, it couldn't even file a claim on it," Murry said.

Murry says he's not even angry at this point, he just wants whoever did this to just speak up, apologize and pay for the damages.

"I mean, I could understand anger. I've been cheated on before, but like, never like this! I mean, I never would've thought of doing anything like this," Murry said.