Robert Miller, the man who allegedly killed his wife in 2005 and was arrested this year, will be released on a personal recognizance bond after not being indicted within a certain time frame. Our Senora Scott brought you those details yesterday and joins us in studio with further reactions.

I spoke with Sheriff David Jones about the release. He walked me through the timeline of when the arrest happened and when the initial reports were submitted to the district attorney’s office.

“We arrested Robert on March 2nd. Several days after that, for several days after that we were out looking for the body we did a tremendous amount of work to locate the body,” Sheriff David Jones said.

After locating the body of Miller's wife at the time, Michelle, the investigators put together their initial reports.

"Eighteen days later, after the arrest of Robert Miller, the report was submitted to the district attorney's office, which left 72 days within that 90 day period to be indicted,” Jones said.

While investigations can take days, weeks, or months, and new evidence could be found or sent off for testing, those reports sent to the district attorney's office lay out everything the investigators have up to that point.

"The indictment shows that he has enough evidence to bring him to court."
At that time he should have a clear picture of yes or no with the reports you send him?
Absolutely,” Jones said.

However, just because Miller wasn't indicted in the 90 day time frame, it does not mean he's gotten away with murder.

"He's going to be tried. I believe the trail is set for January. He has restrictions he'll have to abide by but these six months, he will be out among the people, the citizens,” Jones said.