ABILENE, TX — Students of all ages flooded Shotwell Stadium but it wasn't for a sporting event.

Fields of faith is an event put on by the 'Fellowship of Christian Athletes'

There were tailgating and a live band.

"Everyone can come and worship and have an awesome message in a place where they are comfortable on their own fields."

Not everyone is the same, they might represent different mascots

and they might have different backgrounds.

But there's one thing these students do have in common their faith.

"He is speaking through me and this isn't me he wrote my story and he wants me to be here"

Fields of Faith is an outlet for students like these three girls to share their stories with people just like them.

These three girls never met each other but tonight they spoke to a stadium full of students to read scriptures out loud that means something to them

"It always and continuously reminds me that my strength comes from the lord and not from myself so that's really important to me "

They use their struggles to be compassionate.

"I know what others are going through when they have had this injury and I just tell them to push through it you'll be fine.. God is with you no matter where you go whatever happens"