ABILENE, Texas — Daniel Herman Jr. is a 24-year-old from South Carolina. After college, he paid off his debts and decided to see the world.

Herman has always been strong in his faith and decided to embark on a cross-country journey with nothing but his longboard and his faith.

"A lot of times I pray about the route that I’m supposed to take," Herman said.

After 1,700 miles, he stopped in the Big Country with more than 2,000 miles left to go. Herman relies on people of good faith and hearts as giving as his for shelter and food along the ride.

It might be the path less traveled, but he believes you can’t let life pass you by.

"Go out there and experience this world yourself. Find whatever it is your passionate about ..and pursue it with everything you got," Herman said.

You can follow his journey with updates on his Facebook page, or on Instagram @everyday.dan