SAN ANGELO, TX — "Most small businesses really want to comply with all the regulations and laws that are out there but they're not that well versed in them"

Glenna Friedrich, president of the Better Business Bureau of San Angelo, says scam artists are versatile; running a variety of schemes.

"When you do get ripped off as a business or a consumer they say ‘aha! We've got a live one here we can come back later’,” said Friedrich. They may wait a week or two and they may come at you with a little bit of a different story."

Some of those scams included tricking business owners into thinking they needed to buy an $84 federal labor laws poster to hang inside their stores, one you can actually get for free.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office filing a separate lawsuit against some company tricking businesses into paying thousands of dollars by leading them to believe they could improve a business’s reputation in internet search results.

And people fall for it hoping to improve their business as well as stay out of trouble.

"There's usually a little bit of threat and a little bit of this is a good price for you," said Friedrich.

And it can be easier to fall for schemes when you're not aware of what laws and guidelines to follow.

"Most of these employment poster scam that’s directed at small businesses most are them are here for a while and then they rest it and then they come back to the same community again," said Friedrich.

And if you have a gut feeling that somethings wrong or you might be being taken for your money, the BBB provides free services. They can also let you know if you're out of compliance or what guidelines you are required to follow.