Two men in West Texas made a surprising discovery when they encountered a hitchhiking snake coming out of the hood of their car.

Swade Moyers and his friend could be heard shouting and yelling at the reptile to get off the hood, even pulling over to allow the snake to slither away.

Along with many others the bullsnake, as seen in the video, is a very common reptile in Texas.

"As far as snakes go, I guess you can say, hiding out fairly well and them being inside of cars is not uncommon," Selina McSherry, San Angelo Nature Center, said.

Luckily for McSherry and others at the Nature Center the 7-foot bullsnake named "Jethro" is well-mannered.

However McSherry says those not in captivity can be temperamental.

"These are native to Texas, you'll find them everywhere and they are non-venomous," he said.

Meanwhile you may find others in the Concho Valley that can pack a deadly strike.

Such as the cotton mouth, diamondback or prairie rattlesnake.

"Obviously you never want to touch any of these animals but at the same time these animal aren't trying to hurt you at all, they will only strike you if they feel threatened," she said.

McSherry says the regional snakes may find their way into the hood, trunk and even the AC units of your vehicle.

If you do happen to encounter a snake you may call your local game warden for assistance.