No. It's not speed dating.

There's a twist.

It's speed networking.

"The idea was originated by one of our first presidents who wanted to create, like I said a genuine atmosphere," Bonnie Schuman, a board member for Young Professionals of San Angelo, said.

It's called Table for 4 where young professionals may meet new business prospects and network.

"A lot of these connections are going to be brand new and a lot of them tend to be diversified in different industries per table," Schuman said.

Many of the attendees found success in the unique networking event.

"I guess it kind of forced you to network with other people," Doray Hill, young professional, said. "You got to expose yourself to different individuals randomly."

Even those apprehensive to group settings were on board.

"You're almost forced to talk to new people which is good, because I'm shy," Amanda Geier, young professional, said.

Meanwhile sharing a laugh and a meal may be the key to your next career.

"It's also crucial to careers if you're making any change to be able to effectively have connections outside your current position," Shuman said.