Regardless of the time of year we're all trying to save a few bucks, but beating the heat this summer doesn't mean it needs to take a toll on your wallet.

For a small fee community pools offer the comfort of professional supervision with lifeguards on duty.

"I feel safe," Lauren Guins, a San Angelo resident, said. "They have lots of lifeguards here and they allow floaties."

Love Municipal Pool in San Angelo provides parents with plenty of safety benefits.

"We always keep our [life]guards on stand versus at the lake there are no lifeguards around, and we have nice clear water here at the pool versus the lake," Morgan Massey, pool manager, said.

As the intense rays shine down sunblock may provide protection against the sun.

Experts suggest off brands work just as well as brand names and come at a cheaper price.

"Always wear sunscreen first off and always the lotion is better, as we see it, because you know where you're putting it rather than the sprays that can get lost in the wind," Massey said.

And for the little ones at a $1.00 for individual swim diapers at the pool it will save you time and money for those one off visits.

"The swim diaper doesn't allow anything to leak into the pool so that helps keep our pool more clean and it also keeps the kids safe," Massey said.