About 15 miles out of San Angelo but before you get to Miles, you'll find another town that might not be on too many maps, cactus town. But it's got a lot more than just a few West Texas prickly pears.

"A place where people could come enjoy, history, and Mother Nature, horticulture, and be an educational but uplifting, possibly spiritual experience,” Mike Mosman, founder of Cactus Town said.

That’s Mike Mosman, or Cactus Mike, as he's called. He runs this outfit on property he bought about a decade ago. But when the papers were signed, sealed, and delivered, a question remained.

"I was like what can I do with this property out in the middle of nowhere in Central Texas?” Mosman said.

That, in turn, was his answer.

"I am centrally located and can attract people from all different directions,” Mosman said.

Now all that was left was to fulfill a vision.

"It was a dream that came to me when I first bought the property,” Mosman said.

He started out with the Blue Buffalo Grill, but with a crash in the economy and a few federal organizations saying he didn't meet their standards, Mosman shut down. A year later, he gave his dream another go.

"The idea was to build a cross between a Tombstone, Arizona and a Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg."

That cross is how Cactus Town was born. An expert on all things cactus, xeriscape, and landscape related, Mike sells plants to businesses and whoever stops by his middle of nowhere town. And, it's more than you’d think.

"All over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and just about every state in the United States,” Mosman said.

Proving his theory about a central location. The town is all about preserving the western way of life.

"The floor is old cattle trailers so it has a real old west feel,” Mosman said.

Mike, a history buff himself, has built and collected everything on his own.

"1880's, 1870's even,” Mosman said.

From old brands, to 1920's era washing machines, from old saddles, to antique kitchen utensils, you’ll find it here. Even if you don't end up buying any of those things, mike still hopes you'll take something with you.

"It was a whole experience and an adventure,” Mosman said.