ABILENE, TX. — Bad roads will soon be a thing of the past for the city of Abilene. The street maintenance fee passed back in May will go into effect starting January first.

Residents may have already received a letter from the city detailing this fee.

Starting next year, the fee will be attached to your monthly water bill.

There are three categories of payers. Residents at $6.75, multifamily at $6.00 per unit, and commercial properties starting at $25.00 and a cap of $75.00.

Residents may be eligible for a reduced fee for those who make 50% or less of the median family income. Applications are processed through the city’s Neighborhood Services department.

If you are charged incorrectly, one can make an appeal to the street maintenance advisory committee.

There will be a public hearing at the upcoming meeting the Thursday after Thanksgiving.

For more information, go to, http://abilenetx.gov/city-hall/departments/public-works/street-maintenance-fee.