As the thermometer rises so does the tire pressure on your vehicle.

"As you get over inflated you tend to have more separations, more blowouts, more problems," Tom Jones, manager of Tom's Tire Pros, said.

There are several warning signs mechanics will look at when inspecting your tires.

"Usually if you don't know how much air to put on you can check the door handle and it will show you right there on the side how much air," Chone Gomez, who works in sales at Tom's, said.

The age of the tire is another factor.

Gomez recommends not going more than five years for brand and four years for off brands.

Experts also recommend checking the treading of the tire and making sure it's not worn down.

As far as tire pressure, Jones recommends drivers check daily in the summer.

He says nitrogen is an option when filling up your tires.

"Stays the same temperature no matter how far you drive and they don't overheat and they don't over-inflate," he said.