The deadly shooting at a church in Central Texas has shaken many across the nation.
And for some in West Texas, it’s hitting closer to home.

“When you hears news like that you don’t really process it well, you’re kind of confused, you don’t really wanna believe it,” said Austin Starks, a student at ASU.

Starks says he received the news from his girlfriend who lives in Sutherland Springs.

"She text me about it cause she was working about a mile down the road," said Starks.

The shocking news about his hometown left Starks in disbelief.

“I would have never imagine this to be in Sutherland Springs. This is a town in the middle of nowhere; 400 something people” added Starks.

The shooting that left 26 people dead is now the fifth largest shooting in United States history.

While Starks did not lose a family member or friend in the shooting he says it still hits close to home.
For this ASU student the town will no longer be the same.

Starks says he has confidence the small town will bounce back from this tragedy.
Sutherland springs has united together hosting vigils and fundraisers in the community.

It is really bringing a lot of people together and I think it's really gonna help, especially to the families who lost loved ones,” Starks said.