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Taylor County Health Department closes to public after 14 city employees test positive for COVID-19

The Department is still offering testing services in the parking lot

The Taylor County Health District along with Mercy Health Clinic in Abilene has been closed to the public until further notice.

According to city manager Robert Hanna the closure comes after 14 city employees test positive for COVID- 19.

Two of those employees come from the Emergency Management Services, three from Abilene fire department, and nine from the Health dept. and Mercy Clinic.

“No one needs to panic I have said that since day one. No one needs to panic ..we have people working in the health dept still they are doing their jobs. But in order to protect my employees from further spread and protect the public from further community spread I have closed the health dept building" said Hanna.

Hanna is also in quarantine after being exposed to one of the city employees who tested positive.

Press release from the City of Abilene and information on testing services here.