Sam's Club shoppers are ditching the register and checking out their smartphones.

The company released an app in Oct. 2016 called Scan and Go.

"Instead of heading to the register, they go directly to the exit door, checkout there and then they can go on," Andy Maier, club manager, said.

As shoppers are walking the aisles and choosing their items they now can scan the barcode, place it in their shopping carts, and once they're done hit checkout on their phones.

The app features an array of features, such as selecting multiple quantities of items.

Shoppers can choose multiple quantities of items as they're shopping. 

"Slide down here and hit the down arrow button, and it opens it up and you just pick the number you want," Maier said.

If shoppers want to remove an item, there's a feature for that as well.

"You can easily slide it off and it takes it off," said Maier as he slid his finger across the screen of his phone deleting an item.

The true time-saving element of the app is checking out and paying through the phone.

"You're going to hit checkout at the bottom of your phone and head directly to the front door," he said.

Once shoppers hit checkout their debit or credit card on file is charged and a store employee will verify their receipt and cart ensuring all items are paid for.

The app is available on iPhones and Androids.