ABILENE, TX. — According to the Texas Secretary of state office, approximately 15.7 million people have registered to vote before the deadline. This number will increase, as counties all over the state tally up their results.

"There's a big increase in the political excitement, the political dialogue, the political division, that's taking place in this state and in this country,” says McMurry University political science professor, Paul Fabrizio.

There is a bigger picture for the upcoming midterms.

“The census is going to take place in 2020, and from that census will be a redrawing of the congressional districts and also the state legislative districts,” says Fabrizio.

The importance of who will be in the state legislature will have a long-term effect.

"Those new districts that are drawn after the 2020 census will work for the next 10 years...everybody is focused, yes on the presidential election, but at the state level it’s all about redistricting,” says Fabrizio.

The total amount of registered voters will be posted the weekend before early voting starts on October 22.