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Texas ranks 41 in voter turnout after 2018 midterms

Increase in number of voter participation for the state of Texas.

ABILENE, Texas — The state of Texas broke record with the greatest number of registered voters for the 2018 midterms with about 15.8 million people.

According to the release by the nonprofit VOTE/US Elections Project report, “America Goes to the Polls,” Texas went from being bottom five to bottom ten states in voter participation.

Texas now ranks as 41 in the country for voter participation, totaling to only 46.3 percent of the state participating.

Nationwide, 35 states had the highest voter turnout in years. This totals to 50.3 percent of the voter turnout for the country, a 100-year record.

You can find out more of the report at, https://www.nonprofitvote.org/documents/2019/03/america-goes-polls-2018.pdf/.