ABILENE, TX. — As part of the summer reading program at the Abilene public library, this year's theme is, 'libraries rock!'

So to bring a little music into the library, the Texas Tornadoes stepped in.

This line dancing group calls Abilene home, but they've touched down all over the big country. With 32 members, the Texas Tornadoes celebrate their 20 year anniversary.

"I've been with the group about two years, two and a half years. I haven't been there long compared to a lot of them," says member, Tracy Grogan.

From waltz, country, to even tango, this group enjoys the love of dance.

"The lady I sat with happened to be a member of the Texas Tornadoes and I told her how much I love to dance and how much I miss it. She goes, you need to join our group, and so I did and I haven't left," says Tracy.