SAN ANGELO, TX — We know change is inevitable, as is the case with the future of recycling for San Angelo.

"We want to hear from our citizens and what they want from their curbside recycling program," said Public Information Officer for the city of San Angelo, Anthony Wilson.

But this time it's not because of something the city is doing or changing like some might believe.

The trouble this time, comes from a global ripple effect after China banned plastic waste with high levels of contamination from being imported into their country.

"Forty percent of the worlds recyclable materials were previously accepted imported to china," said Wilson.

China is now only accepting material with a .05 contamination percentage, most of the material imported from the US is at 25 percent.

"The Chinese new contamination rate is an impossible mark to make and for all intents and purposes that means that no recyclables are going to China and so there's no longer a market for those materials," he said.

So, how is it going to affect San Angelo?

Wilson says the city is currently looking at multiple options.

"One of those would be to continue the service as is but that would involve some increased cost," he said. “Or we could set up some collection stations around the community."

"A lot of municipalities are simply warehousing those recyclables at this point," said Wilson. “One of the things that could be done is that we could stop curbside recycling and just have trash pickup."

Republic Services is offering several avenues to continue to recycle for San Angelo, but the city says it wants community input before it makes any decisions.

"We are considering some sort of online survey and we will be hosting a series of town hall meetings the details of those have not been yet determined,” said Wilson.