ABILENE, Texas — The Storybook Capital of America is hopeful for some new changes.

The Abilene Cultural Affairs Council presented their project ideas to the City Council. Phases for the storybook project include honorary names to Cypress and Cedar Street downtown.

"I think when people are walking down here… they are going to be generally excited and they'll be thinking about us being the storybook capital,” Paramount Theatre executive director, George Levesque, said.

The honorary names include "Santa Claus Lane," as well as "Storybook Lane."

"During the calf festival we have tons of people that come through, lots and lots of children,” McKay’s Bakery head baker, Kelly Riley, said.

The bakery is one of the many businesses who agreed to have an honorary name on their street.

"It'll be good for Abilene, it will bring that extra business in and having the street with that name will just bring people down our street which will bring people downtown,” Riley said.

The storybook project also plans to bring in benches and more sculptures to downtown.

The Cultural Affairs Council still must present the street honorary names to the planning and zoning commission.