Fox stopped by Thompson Square’s “Brunch & Bowl” fan club party at CMA Music Festival, where they offered just 40 tickets to allow for quality time with fans.

They hear personal stories at events like this.

“We found out that one of our fans that was here, she’s cancer-free as of today. She just found out, I guess last week. Just hearing stories like that, you know, my dad died from colon cancer. Hers was colon cancer. And then singing ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ and looking over and seeing her, you could just see her face, it was pretty special.”

Shawna and Kiefer are now parents and say their son, Cooper, has changed life on the road.

“It seems like he was born to be on the road. I mean, he just takes everything and just goes with it, and he’s so good, happy all the time.”

“The hardest part is jut all of the stuff that we have to carry on with us – the playpen and the stroller.”

And they were happy to share their joy with fans, turning a home video into a music video for “You Make It Look So Good.”

“Keifer got on the computer and kind-of spliced it all together, and it was amazing how the lyric of the song kind-of meant a totally different thing once we put Cooper in the video.”

While they’re currently working on new music, they also released a novel loosely based on their song “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.”

“At first, they wanted it to be like, our story and we’re like, ‘We are way too young, too early in our career to tell our story.’ So, it’s just a story that’s made up about a couple that’s in the music business.”

And Keifer penned a kids’ book.

“I was upstairs dressing Cooper, and I started singing this, ‘Socks, socks, one by one, putting on your socks could be so fun,’ and Shawna was like, ‘Is that a song your mom used to sing to you?” an di was like, ‘No, I’m just making it up.’ And she was like, ‘You gotta go downstairs and finish that.’”

See for the latest on their projects, including their next album, which they hope to have out later this year.