One San Angelo lawyer has noticed the effect of texting while driving in his community, so he rewarded scholarships to three out of 200 students who took the driving pledge.

Attorney Rick Dehoyos with the Dehoyos Law Offices has noticed several problems in the community involving car collisions through texting while driving. Dehoyos said this behavior is increasing every year.

The three students who were awarded $500 were: Meagan Moreno of Eola and Jocelyn Reyes of San Angelo, both whom plan to attend Angelo State University to study nursing. Jared Everett of Sterling was also awarded and plans to study welding at Texas State Technical College.

Dehoyos said it's an honor to be able to help students and serve a purpose and will continue to spread the pledge.

"We may all disagree with texting and driving and we may think that it's a bad thing, but what have you done about it lately," Dehoyos said.