After Tom Green County Sheriff's Office executed search warrants and interrogations, they believe Eric Torrez is a victim of a homicide.

A search warrant was issued to a residence in Tom Green County on Duckworth Rd. The person who lives there is Eric's ex-wife, Kristen, according to Tom Green Co. Sheriff's Department's press release.

On Friday, July 21, a person requested Eric to perform some work on a residence in Tom Green Co., that residence was owned by Gary Jennings; his son is married to Kristen. On that same day, Kristen went to the residence of Eric's mother's house. While she was there she assaulted the mother and then forcibly took a 4-year-old from the residence.

Eric and Kristen are the parents of the child. Child protective services currently have custody of both of Eric and Kristen's children.

On July 25, Kristen was arrested and was charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit another felony. She's been booked at Tom Green Co. Jail.

Numerous people have been interviewed and additional search warrants have been executed along with other measures.

On July 26, Tom Green Co. Justice of the Peace J.P. McGuire issued arrest warrants for Stephen Jennings (Kristen Jenning's husband) and Gary Jennings (Stephen's father) for the offense of tamper or fabricate with physical evidence with the intent to impair.

Stephen Jennings has been arrested and booked into Tom Green Co. Jail. Later, Gary Jennings was arrested in Red Oak. He's been booked in the Red Oak Police Department Jail.

On July 27, Eric Torrez's 2008 Ford pick-up truck was located at the Ballinger Walmart parking lot by Ballinger Police Department. It is being processed for evidence in the case by the Tom Green Co. Sheriff's Office.

Eric Torrez has not been located at this time. "Evidence collected at the residence of Jennings and information obtained through interviews and interrogations indicate that Eric Torres is a victim of a homicide," according to a Tom Green Co. Sheriff's press release.