An air conditioning company offers some money-saving tips when turning on your heater during the cold weather season.

Around the first of November, Air Dynamics sees a rise in business.

"Everyone is firing up their heaters up for the first time because by that time, we're starting to get some cool nights," Justin Brumley, owner of Air Dynamics said.

When you turn on your heater, you may sometimes get an unusual smell.

"All that dirt, debris and hair," he said. "Those kinds of things all get trapped on that heat exchanger and they begin to burn off."

Brumley advises checking your air systems twice a year. As for gas furnaces, it is different.

"You definitely want to get it checked out year to year because things can break during the long summer," he said.

If you want to save money, Brumley suggests making sure the seals and cracks in your home are closed. He also suggests opening up the windows early in the morning to allow natural sunlight to heat up the core of the house.

The temperature you keep your heater at is a personal choice, but Brumley says when you let your unit sit there and do nothing, that can cause more damage.