Trace Adkins is on tour in support of his twelfth studio album, Something’s Going On – and there’s one thing he always brings on the road.

“Golf clubs, that’s about all. You know, usually our day starts and we try to find a golf course somewhere and play some golf and get out of the bus for a little while. Other than that, you know, a bottomless coffee pot. That’s about all I need.”

Adkins is also an actor. He’s been in more than a dozen films and has a new movie out on July 7 called Hickok.

“I play this really, really…this guy…it may be the first time I’ve played a guy who had no redeeming qualities. He was a bad guy, and I had a blast.”

He says acting is a real challenge that’s outside of his comfort zone.

“It’s terrifying, you know, because it’s not a skill set that I’ve worked on for years and years and years like I have singing. So, yeah, it’s always terrifying, every time I go on set, you know? I’m just praying that the director doesn’t discover that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

As for what roles he’s drawn to…

“Usually, it’s going to be stuff that fits into my schedule, first of all, something that I can do or something that doesn’t require an extended period of time for me to be there. You know, a part that I can get done in a couple of weeks maybe. And other than that, I look for bikers and cowboys.”

Catch Adkins on tour now and on the big screen this July!