SAN ANGELO, TX — A simple means of transportation is all Gus Mendoza

"He gave me this bike and ever since then I’ve just been on the road riding," said Mendoza.

and his coworker, Heath Patterson

"I got started really in biking as a little kid," said Patterson.

need to make a difference for a newfound friend.

That man is William Lupher.

"At 28 he was diagnosed with MS and that was the first time I ever heard of it," said Mendoza.

So, this summer they're putting in extra miles to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis in an event called this October.

"This morning we did a 30-mile bike ride right down Arden road to Burma and back,” said Mendoza. “The first day will be biking about 100 miles starting in San Antonio and end up in New Braunfels.”

Then the second day will be 60-mile loop around New Braunfels.

Gus and Heath are teaming up with Randy’s bike shop.

"I’m a little bit nervous but with this group of people we're going with, we're all going to be just fine and we can probably do more than we thought we could,” said Patterson.

While race day may not be for another two months, Gus and Heath want their message to remain clear.

"Just exposing people to this disease state,” said Mendoza. “I just hope that it brings awareness to San Angelo."