ABILENE, Texas β€” The Texas Department of Transportation -  Abilene District has been busy combating icy roads.

According to Tanya Brown, spokesperson for TxDOT, they have had to call in for backup from surrounding districts including Fort Worth, Amarillo and San Angelo.

Brown says within the last three days they have had over 100 employees working on a 24-hour basis to treat roads in Abilene and surrounding areas.

In a 3-day span TxDOT has used over 200,000 lbs. of Brine which is a treatment for melting ice off of the roads.

According to Brown, Monday was pre- treatment and Tuesday they focused on Tier 1 roadways which included I-20. Now her crews are treating Tier 1 and 2 roadways which include Farm to market and U-S highways.

Brown is happy to report that there were no fatalities on the road in her district throughout the storm.

We did a good job we had no fatalities during the storm in the Abilene district/ and no injuries with personnel.” Said Brown.

Brown also thanks the public, β€œIt was great to see everyone slowed down, did what they were supposed to or stay off the roadways during the storm".