He's popular among Texas democrats.

Congressman Beto O'Rourke, (D-El Paso), 44, is making his voice heard across the lone star state.

"We're showing up to the big cities to the small towns and the places in between, and everywhere we go hundreds of people are turning out," O'Rourke said.

The Democratic hopeful spoke to a crowd full of voters at Fuentes Cafe on Saturday.

He's running for U.S. state senator for Texas and attempting to unseat Senator Ted Cruz (R).

A position that been held by a republican for the last three decades.

While the state of Texas is known for its Republican standing, O'Rourke has no plans of backing down.

"You know I'm going to every part of the state," He said. "I'm not writing anybody off or taking anyone for granted."

For the past few weeks he's been on a road trip across the state of Texas speaking to residents about health care, racial equality, and immigration.

Meanwhile intertwined with his agenda items he's also attempting to bridge the gap and change the rhetoric between democrats and republicans.

"I serve on the house veteran's affairs committee and every bill that we introduce that has any shot of success we work on with a Republican colleague,"he said. "Recently when we helped those veterans with an other than honorable discharge who can't get into the VA, today get access to the mental health care that can help them save their lives."

The Congressman was set to talk to residents in Abilene Monday however canceled his plans to tackle relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"When I get back to Washington D.C. a week after next I'm going to continue the work that I've already started with colleagues from both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats to make sure that Texas gets the disaster relief aid that we need to rebuild our communities to ensure that we get more Texans back to work and to do right by each other," he said.