SAN ANGELO, TX — According to Diann Bayes, vice president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, revenue from hotel tax jumped from $15,024,650 to $21,500,000 in a years’ time. I also checked with a couple of local hotels: The pearl on the Concho reported an 18.6% increase in hotel occupancy rates from this time last year. And the Residence Inn reported an 8% increase.

Across the entire San Angelo area, occupancy rates went from 51.6% to 64.1%, which is a 12.5% hike.

So where does all this money go? San Angelo has what they call a hotel tax. Which goes into a dedicated fund. From there the city disperses that money into funding arts, historic preservation. And some of it they use to further market the community.

Whether it be through ads, magazines, or displays, the city uses that tax money to encourage tourist to come back and visit San Angelo again. Which in turn helps grow our economy without shrinking our resources because visitors tend to leave after a few days.