ABILENE, Texas — Veteran centers were established in 1979 to better serve military personnel. Now, centers all around celebrate 40 years, being a vital part of changing the lives of both veterans and active duty.

"We provide counseling for PSTD, marriage and family problems, readjustment…and also bereavement so for family members of those who are killed on active duty,” Abilene Vet Center director and readjustment therapist, Nick Tapie.

The center has about 65 appointments a week, serving Taylor county and the surrounding areas.

"They start out weekly just because the therapy is beneficial on a weekly basis and then when we've gotten through sort of a protocol for a therapy then it might be bi weekly after that to make sure that we maintain progress,” Tapie said.

Having a social support system is one of the things that predict a better recovery for readjustment. That’s where organizations like the Abilene Veterans Association come in.

"I think one of the biggest problems that we have is that we don't know what all is available out there,” Air Force veteran, Gordon Atkinson said.

To find out more about the Abilene Vet Center, you can reach them at (325) 232-7925.