Last year, the American Cancer Society said if current eating trends continue, obesity and a sluggish lifestyle may contribute to more cancer deaths than smoking. According to a new study items such as hot beverages, Nutella, alcohol, and processed meats can all cause some form of cancer.

Along with "charred meat, alcohol, artificial sweeteners,” said Jackie Allen, dietitian at San Angelo Community Medical Center.

Hot drinks that are 149 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter can contribute to the development of cancer in the esophagus. Reporter Brenda Matute traveled to a local fast food restaurant to see just how hot their coffee is served.

And, yes that coffee would qualify as too hot which can lead to cancer. But on the other hand, cold coffee is shown to have benefits in lessening the risk of liver cancer.

Allen says a good way to combat cancers caused by foods is to eat healthy.

"Lots of fruits and vegetables that are very colorful, they're high in antioxidants, and high in nutrients, whole grains and fiber rich foods like quinoa and oatmeal,” said Allen.

She says just like foods can have bad consequences, they can also serve to fight off and prevent disease.

"Fiber is going to help to keep you full and it’s also going to help to get things through your GI track faster so that things don’t linger and have an opportunity to cause damage. She says sometimes how much we eat can have a bigger impact on our health than what we eat.

"Obesity and being overweight plays a bigger role in the development of cancer than the types of food that you’re eating,” said Allen.

She says it's important to keep a healthy diet, but reminds us to enjoy life a little as well.