ABILENE, Texas — Abe Walzer, Owner of Alpha Aesthetics in Abilene says the shutdown couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Walzer has been in the fitness industry in the Big Country for ten years and was excited to open his newest facility to the public. Walzer says their doors were only open one month before COVID-19 forced them to shut down along with all Texas gyms March 19th.

'Nothing could have prepared us for the last couple of months" said Walzer.

Walzer and his staff at AA believe that working out is more than physical and being out of the gym for 8 weeks was hard.

"People get off antidepressants, weight loss pills, people get out of ruts from working out- so when you take that away from them, in essence, you are taking away their medicine," said Walzer.

According to Walzer AA is taking steps to ensure the safety of members and staff by taking temperatures at the door, signing in and out to ensure capacity, as well as keeping gym equipment sanitized.

"'I always been big on cleaning so some of this stuff is finally.. Those people will incorporate that daily". said Walzer.

As of May 18th Gyms in Texas can only operate at 25%.