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West Texas kids mean business with lemonade stand

Elementary kids raise $1,000 for their new playground

ABILENE, Texas — The Buffalo Gap Chamber of Commerce is proud of the children they are raising in their community.

Local children took it upon themselves to have a lemonade stand to benefit their school playground equipment.

Moms of the Parent Teacher Network, say the playground has been there over 20 years.

“They are the ones who are out here every day and they see the equipment and how it’s really very old and some stuff that is not that safe ..so for them to help raise money and then hopefully in the next year see a new playground come in" said Kandon Paul a mother of one of the children.”

The elementary entrepreneurs sold lemonade and cookies to the community in an effort to raise money for their new playground.

The Parent Teacher Network has worked the last 2 years to raise 40k but the playground will be around 100k.

The children raised $1,000 at the lemonade stand.