ABILENE, TX — One Abilene woman has been keeping men and women stylish for over 30 years and here is her story.

"Everybody calls me Jo".

About 50 years ago, Josephine Jordan was just like any teen whose parents were bugging them to go to college.

"So I went to beauty school and got my license".

Eventually, Jo got married, had a family and became a stay at home mom.

Until 87' when her kids went off to school Jo realized something was missing.

"I didn't want to stay at home.."

Her license had expired but beauty school was still in her heart.

"They said why don't you just take the test... I said no... I want to go back."

She didn't cut any corners.

"I think I was the oldest one in the class at that time... but that was okay. "

Time had passed and hair standards had changed.

"I had to learn how to do all types of hair that were the main thing because when I went to school in North Carolina I was only taught ethnic hair ..which was black hair.. it was an experience."

Fast forward almost 3 decades later this beautician hasn't missed a beat since.

She attends beauty seminars once a year to keep up with trends because her passion comes from her smiling clients.

"I enjoy what I do because I really like making people feel good".

and jo has no intention of putting down the scissors anytime soon no matter the age.

"I'm still young enough to enjoy everything I want to enjoy .. and that's my age".