SAN ANGELO, TX — The idea behind this box is that no matter where weve been in life or currently are, life can bring unexpected circumstances where anyone can one day find themselves in need of life's essentials without necessarily being able to afford them.

So today, the woman behind the project shared how it works and how you can be a part of paying it forward.

"Take what you need leave what you can above all be blessed," said Candis Hicks.

"Things aren
t always as they seem and any of us is up for Gods grace could be struggling and hungry on the street, said Hicks.

"If you want to come down and put anything in there it
s great, canned good with hot tops are good, of course nonperishables, bottles of water, people even put in hygiene products," said Hicks.

"One day I saw one of the recipients come up and put something in it, I thought what dignity that gave them to be able to give back and not always be on the receiving end," said Hicks.

"We all go crazy at Christmas and everything but hunger doesn
t know a season," said Hicks.

re welcome to come and be a part put something in the blessing box right down here on Beauregard Street," said Hicks.