SAN ANGELO, TX — Healthcare reform was atop almost every headline during the presidential race, now the dust has settled, but it may have left you wondering where you stand.

Changes are coming for enrollment in 2019.

Starting with dates. You have a window to sign up for healthcare benefits which starts November 1st through December 15 (unless you qualify for an extension).

So, if you miss that deadline you won't be receiving benefits for 2019.

The biggest change is the tax penalty is going away.

So, while you are still mandated to have coverage, if you don't, you will no longer be penalized hundreds of dollars as was the case with the Affordable Care Act before.

But that change doesn’t take effect until January 1st of next year. So, if you opted out of healthcare for 2018, you'll still get hit with that fee this year. And according to, premiums are expected to rise by 2.3 percent this coming year.

All in all, if you still signed up for coverage and want it you have 36 days left.