Cowboys and cowgirls are tough. But that arena dirt can be pretty hard when you're falling off a horse or bull.

When it comes to the battle of man versus beast, sometimes, the beasts win. Thankfully the Justin Sports Boots Medicine Team is right there to offer everything from stiches to advice.

Dr. Stacy Beaty has been on the Justin Sports Boots Medicine Team for almost a decade.

"You never know what's going to happen,” Beaty said.

The organization uses local doctors and medical professionals at all the rodeos they go to. Local knowledge of the area and services provided there have proven to be just one asset of that strategy.

"Some of these guys stay here overnight so we can get them into our offices, get them x-rays if they need to be x-rayed. God forbid they need CTs or MRIs in a hurry but we can do that,” Beaty said.

That means lots of paperwork to keep track of. It all gets uploaded to a database that can be accessed by the leaders of the Justin Sports Boots Medicine Team. So, when the arena athletes move on down the do their medical records.

"The next guy down the road has the ability to pull it up and know exactly what happened and what was done,” Beaty said.

The team sees a wide range of injuries but there are a few that are more common than others.

"Most common right now is just contusions, get stepped on, run into a gate, those sort of things. Seen a few guys with muscle tears, ligament injuries,” Beaty said.

Dr. Beaty says the craziest injuries he's seen involve bones sticking out of places they shouldn't be.