Mitchel: Well it was a big day here at cooper and none too much bigger for this guy here, Tyrees Whitfield. Signing officially with Midwestern State. How does it feel to finally have it off your chest? You know exactly where you're going to be going during the summer.

Tyrees: It's a big relief that I know where I’m going to be playing football next fall. So it's the biggest relief I’ve had all year. I ain't gotta worry about where am i going to go for the next four years. So I feel real comfortable where I’m at.

Mitchel: What is it about this place where you felt that this was the place that you needed to be?

Tyrees: Just when I went there, it was just a different vibe from all the other visits that I had been on. It felt like home up there. A little bit of brotherly love down there.

Mitchel: How do you build a spot for yourself on a program like that?

Tyrees: I just got to keep working. That's the main thing. That's where I feel like I’m going to fit in because I like to work hard when I’m in the weight room and stuff on the field. And so, it's competition to work my way up on the roster. I feel like that's the right place for me.

Mitchel: Of course, it's a school where Dominic Rhodes went to. You own pretty much all of his records here, I assume that's something you're shooting for there?

Tyrees: Yes sir. That's even a plus coming with it because he was a great running back. I've always loved to see him. Watch him play. It's just a blessing to play behind him again, where he played at. Just walking in his footsteps and hopefully i can take his records down at Midwestern. Whenever I see him I'm going to let him know.

Mitchel: What do you plan on telling him?

Tyrees: I'm going to have to tell him when I get there and i start playing, I'm going to have to break all your records again man. That's just how it goes.

Mitchel: What will be your most favorite memory you had while here at cooper?

Tyrees: The bond I had with all my players. We just played for one another. You know, like i played for the guy beside me and they played for me. We'll probably never feel it like that again, but hopefully i can get close at Midwestern.

Mitchel: Alright, well Tyrees, we appreciate getting to see you on the football field this season and we hope big things this coming season.