A 24 year-old woman was struck by a car as she was attempting to save her dogs on July 19.

Bianca Rodriguez was at home on a break from work.

She was rushing to get back when she says she noticed the dog she's been fostering had run out of her garage.

"I got to the ground and I was calling her name and she was coming toward me and I don't remember what happened after that," Rodriguez said.

The mother of a 1 year old was hit by a Chevy Cruze on the 2300 block of College Hills Boulevard.

She was rushed to Shannon Hospital for treatment to her injuries.

"My nose was fractured, my lip was split open to where you can see my teeth," she said. "I lost my front right tooth and the tooth right next to that was broken."

The official crash report reads Rodriguez failed to yield right of way as she ran into the roadway.

"I know it's a busy street, I've always been careful like anywhere I've been, even when I'm driving I always look left and right more than once," she said. "I guess I acted on impulse when I ran across the street again."

Rodriguez is now recovering as she prepares for her wedding just three months away.

"I just want the dream wedding that I dreamed of since I was a little girl," she said. "I know this is just an obstacle."

With the help of the support from her friends, family and coworkers she says she's going to be alright.

"I just want to tell everybody at my job that I'm OK, that I miss them, that I love them, and that I'm sorry that I scared them," she said.

Rodriguez says the driver of the vehicle that hit her stopped to make sure she was alright.

According to the crash report, the driver was cited for driving with an invalid license.

Rodriguez says her dog was treated for injuries but was recovering and the dog she's been fostering was OK.

For more information on how to help Rodriguez her friends have created a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses.