Wonder Woman made more than $220 million worldwide during its opening weekend. It also broke a record for the highest-grossing debut by a female director.

Patty Jenkins says being a fan of the franchise helped her shape the story.

“I’m a classic Wonder Woman fan. And so, my greatest source of inspiration is the original comic book because there was something about it that gave birth to something that has lasted the way that it has. And I think it was that she was such a complex, fully-realized woman of every kind – superhero and on,” Jenkins said.

The guys in the cast learned about the Amazon princess from working on the film.

“I was not a Wonder Woman fan. I was tuned into this because of Patty Jenkins, and I was interested in doing it because of Patty, really. She’s got an incredible sense of story and pitched me an idea of a character that reminded me of many actors that I watched growing up that I loved,” Chris Pine said.

“I was more into the guy superheroes. I mean, I was also into Charlie Brown, I was into Laurel and Hardy, I was into Chaplin. My taste was not really about superheroes. But as far as storytelling is concerned, this is Greek mythology, is what it is,” Danny Huston said.

And the tale of the demigoddess daughter doesn’t stop on-screen. There’s also merchandise – which impressed stars Gal Gadot and Connie Nielsen.

“I have to say, the moment I saw my action figures online, I was, ‘Oh my God. I cannot believe it.’ I’ve never been into these things ever in my life. And I am sold. They’re amazing,” Nielsen said. “Have you see my bobblehead?”

How does Gadot feel about being a toy?

“I don’t know. I’m kind-of numb. Like, I see this, I know it’s me, but I don’t really get it. But it’s cool. So, it’s cool, it’s cool,” Gadot said. “How much should I cost? That’s a tricky question. How much do you think?”