Traces of the bacteria that can cause legionnaires disease are found at a Manhattan police station. The New York City Health Department began investigating on Friday night, when it was notified an officer at the twenty-third precinct had been diagnosed with the disease. The health department says officers can still work out of the building, but they are being advised not to shower there. The hot water has been shut down as a precaution.

A study in the Journal of Hospital Medicine shows how depression can affect a patient’s recovery. Researchers reviewed 20 studies on depression screening in hospitals, finding one-third of patients had symptoms of depression. Study authors say patients in this condition are less likely to take their medicine and keep follow-up appointments, which can lead to longer hospital stays and increased readmission rates.

And finally, for professional athletes, late-night tweeting may be hazardous to their game! Research in the journal Sleep suggest pro basketball players who tweet the night before a game turn in a poorer performance on the court the next day. Analysts looked at over 30,000 tweets from players and stacked them against their next-day performance, finding the players who tweeted the most had lower shooting accuracy and scored one fewer point on average after late-night tweeting. No reason was found for the association, though researchers believe lack of sleep may be behind the poor play -- but they couldn't confirm that was the only factor.